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  • Among rare animals, a rare sight is a Game of Thrones episode where no one dies.

  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • Sabertooth tigers have an argument because they're bad kissers.
  • A turtle has a shell for protection, but also uses a knife.
  • The Betty Rubble Center helps cartoons rehabilitate.
  • Researchers try to trap a tiger, but the tiger plays in the trap's box instead.
  • Mowgli yells Shere Khan's name in a Star Trek/Jungle Book crossover.
  • Night spent with Tony the Tiger wasn't grrreat for girlfriend.
  • A man tweets as multiple jungle animals attack him.
  • Tiger tells leopard that they can't date because their stripes and spots clash.
  • Thirsty tiger in desert can only think of finding a water buffalo.
  • Researcher needs expedited shipment of tranquilizer darts as tiger approaches now.

You searched for: tiger