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  • Cans worry that the can-ivorous can eating goat will get them soon.
  • Lisa Simpson's Throwback Thursday photo shows an earlier version of herself.
  • Woman has redirected her inward anger by trapping man with knifes thrown at wall.

  • To deal with problems, Earth decides to expel some things with selective gravity failure.
  • Dr. Cahill isolates a compound that is unstable, depressed, and paranoid.
  • The great belt shortage caused men to walk around with their pants around their ankles.
  • Flower calls to have hole in pot fixed, but repairman can't find the pothole.
  • Sal Monella's Deli is not having success at getting customers in the door.
  • Doctor's diagnosis of patient is healthy with the exception of a milk bottle shaped calcium deposit on nose.
  • Man looking to fix flat tire finds Crow Bar and a crow named Jack in the trunk.
  • At bar, staple remover bouncer keeps drunk staples in order.

You searched for: throwback thursday