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  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.
  • Excited squirrels watch a Mission Impossible parody movie in a cinema.
  • Cat criminal line up at police station doesn’t go well because they wont sit still.
  • Bird wonders who is stealing his lunch.
  • Turkey identifies guilty party that stole his wattle in police line up.
  • Due to short-staffing, cop has to be both good cop and bad cop to suspect during interrogation.
  • Dog's overdramatic search party shirt reveals to Phil that Cody is culprit for stealing burger.
  • Cat's parole board want to be sure if they let the cat out they he won't want to come right back in.
  • Tree identifies snowman that stole branches in police line up.
  • Santa is disappointed no one has left cookies, but Cookie Monster is stealing them all.
  • Santa mistakenly gets arrested for being a scary creepy clown.

  • Dr Seuss characters listen to songs that represent their personalities.

You searched for: thieves