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  • Last turkeys in bar are disappointed by unattractive leftover mates.
  • Man entices family over for Thanksgiving by telling them they can catch a Pickachu there.

  • Turkeys with large wattles are hipsters.

  • Turkey predicts his own future when he asks to be filled in.

  • Turkey wonders if he should be worried about Trevor's welfare seeing roast turkey profile pic.
  • Dog is thankful cat cause owner to trip and drop Thankgiving dinner on the floor.
  • Hunters will need a bigger gravy boat after shooting giant turkey.
  • Cavemen make a Turducken out of a pterodactyl.
  • A dog thinks Thanksgiving is a day to act like him because his family is focusing on family and food.
  • A turkey takes out a life insurance policy.
  • Kids text at the Thanksgiving table, so their dad says he'll text Grace.
  • The army fights a Turkey Godzilla with a giant turkey baster.

You searched for: thanksgiving