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  • Jellyfish pair are surprised after shark used their tentacles to floss his teeth.
  • Couple boating discovers their lifevests are tentacled monster live vests.
  • Jellyfish complains about tentacles as he ages.
  • Jellyfish cuts tentacles off trying to make them even.
  • Jellyfish's straight tentacles signal stress.
  • Octopus denies tentacles are extensions.

  • Jellyfish wonders if large tentacles are a result of working out.
  • Octopus with no legs is called a nadapus.
  • A jellyfish's tentacles look shorter because he was in cold water.
  • Young squid complains about tentacle-hand-me-downs.
  • Otis the octopus gets ready for a date by applying deodorant to his many underarms from an economy-sized deodorant applicator.

You searched for: tentacle