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  • The Nonthinker statue looks at his phone.
  • Man thinks passenger with book envies ereader, but she keeps reading during flight.
  • Hockey rinks can now tilt to favor the home team.
  • A Rube Goldberg machine will make pizza for your kids.
  • Electric eels are cordless now.
  • Little Bo Peep searches for sheep online.

  • A dad wishes he could CTRL+S his baby's diaper change instead of doing it repeatedly.
  • A baby knows how to operate a computer better than his dad.
  • A goldfish plays virtual reality games.
  • A dog cheats by wearing night vision goggles.
  • The insects a fly and a butterfly don't like the World Wide Web or the 'Net.
  • A Native American recieves smoke signals by fax.

You searched for: technological