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  • Mother calls tech support to adjust her baby and pets' internal clocks, which don't recognize daylight savings.
  • Motherboard acts like a mother and tells employee to go outside.
  • A woman writes to IT because the words she type appear above her head.
  • A customer service agent breaks down on the stand at court, revealing that people's calls didn't matter to him.
  • A printer stops working because the paper is jamming.
  • We would name our computers the curse and swear words we call then when they don't work correctly.
  • A test of the Virtual Dentist hardware, using the Virtual Optometrist software.
  • Dr. Frankenstein calls neck support after the monster's head falls off.
  • Tech Support is called for the sword in the stone.
  • A cat catches the cursor from the computer.
  • Beavers call tech support because they have problems with logs falling off the dam.

You searched for: tech support