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  • Cellphones at party laugh at phone with plugged in battery charger cord stuck to butt.
  • Dogs laugh at embarrassed dog in sweater walking on leash but shiver freezing cold after he is gone.
  • Dachshund complains pizza slice dog wouldn’t understand being compared to a hot dog.
  • Snowman dreams he’s laughed at because he’s nude without buttons on his chest.
  • Uranus is terrified to say his name in front of classroom of planets when the sun teacher demands his proper name.
  • Headless Horseman is tired of hat gag gifts.
  • Dog teases dog wearing cone that he can now be a sundial to tell time.
  • Potatohead doesn't realize teacher is calling on him because prankster switched his ear for a raised arm.

  • Olympic sport of exchanging insults has competitor ridiculing uniform.

  • Dog wearing cone feels like lizard with frill is mocking him.
  • Obi-Wan leads Stormtrooper astray by telling him that's not the Waldo he's looking for.

You searched for: tease