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  • Cat psychiatrist asks mouse therapy patient to discuss it’s vulnerability.
  • Cemetery tombstone for mixed up words speaking Star Wars Yoda has RIP as PRI for peace rest in.
  • Dogs use Butt Time tablet webcam app to communicate while owners are talking online with FaceTime computer website.
  • Woman at party says skip ad and pokes boring man on nose to get him to stop talking about life insurance.
  • Mummy puts a fake mummy in his place to fool his wife into thinking he’s listening while he watches TV instead.
  • Airplane passengers wonder how they’ll be able to connect with anyone while their cellphones and tablets are turned off.
  • Cat runs away from discussing relationship.
  • Man loudly complains on the phone about loud noise car is making.
  • John picks up a talkative billiards cue.
  • Man doesn't like having conversations with clown because he turns dialogue into balloon animals.
  • Sharks are impressed by ventriloquist with man in his mouth.

  • Alien parents need to discuss probing with teenager.

You searched for: talking