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  • Medusa looks in a mirror and sees she has hat hair.
  • A cat tells a campfire story about how his owner wouldn't refill his bowl.
  • A Christmas tree tells horror stories about being cut down in front of a campfire.
  • Aliens use a Trojan horse as a pinata.

  • Realtor tries to sell run down gingerbread house ito bake-it-yourselfer.
  • Chair gets told no one wants to hear the story about his wooden leg.
  • Luke Skywalker mistakenly uses lightsaber under his chin while telling ghost stories.
  • Mother Goose is under investigation for writing accurate facts.
  • Princesses buy bags of frogs to kiss.
  • Beatrix Potter realizes she should have added spices when cooking Pigling Bland.
  • Lice watch Rapunzel at a stag party.
  • Cinderella finds Prince Charming's sex journal.

You searched for: tales