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  • Dad's recipe is a pizza shaped like a turkey.
  • Mom edits alphabet soup for son by taking out all the Fs.

  • A man reads a fortune cookie fortune that says "you will look like a fool" on one side and has teeth on the other side.
  • A snowflake's fortune cookie says it has a 30% chance of falling today.
  • To get powdered grape drink mix, you just have to take out the water.
  • Dragon is surprised when dragon burns roof of mouth with hot pizza.
  • Papa Bear hires Goldilocks to eat porridge so that he can order pizza.
  • Patient wants doctor to remove Barry Manilow song stuck in his brain.
  • Man drinks a "roughie" instead of a smoothie.
  • At coffee shop, patrons need foreign language lessons before ordering coffee.
  • A couple arrive at a black thai dinner party in their black tie event attire.
  • Colonists arrive on the shore of America and a bear asks another bear if he ordered Italian.

You searched for: take out