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  • Invisible when flashes click, Dracula better tag himself in photo to prove he's in it.

  • A dish and a spoon go to the gym and the dish accidentally posts that they ran away together instead of that they're running in place together.
  • A researcher tags a bear and the bear tags him back.
  • God tags himself in everyone's photos on Facebook since he's everywhere.
  • Monster umpire must look up if run counts if only a foot crosses home plate.
  • Man tells Susan his name is a dash, even though incomplete name tag shows a long line.
  • Dog owners try to catch their dog in the act.
  • A woman asks a man at airport security to see if she left the tags on when he x-rays her presents.
  • A surgeon can't reattach a Beanie Baby's tag.
  • Beanie Babies rebel by cutting off their own tags.
  • A group of people have committed small gaffes like removing mattress tags or repeating when shampooing.

You searched for: tags