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  • Superheroes listen to music that relates to their powers.
  • Batman and Superman play a flight simulator game.
  • Unable to be pierced, Superman asks woman what it's like to have body piercings.
  • Superman, Spider-man, and Batman reveal what songs they listen to.
  • Aging Batman rides motorized Bat Rascal scooter to chase thief.
  • Superman's son inherited his x-ray vision and sees pink underwear.
  • Helping Habitat for Humanity makes each worker feel like a superhero.
  • More Superheroes you don't really hear about.
  • Superman has muscle spasms and destroyed a city street.
  • Famous cartoons in rehab for addictions.
  • Dry cleaner mixes up Darth Vader's dry cleaning with Superman's, as Darth Vader dons Superman's cape.
  • Not versed in Jewish tradition, Drew arrives at his first Bat Mitzvah in a Batman costume.

You searched for: super hero