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  • A school eliminates recess and puts spin machines on their desks to compensate.
  • A nerd in a library is a girl's brain throb.
  • Salon specializes in giving books yellow highlighting.
  • A student gets extra credit in meteorology class because he's staring out the window at the weather.
  • Chimpanzees display humor by playing practical joke on Jane Goodall.
  • Student studies Grey's Anatomy show instead of Gray's anatomy textbook.
  • After trying to get pet fish to eat school homework, boy asks mom for a dog.
  • A teacher tries to take the day off by displaying an image of herself at her desk on the smartboard.
  • The center for the study of infectious diseases has a sign in the bathroom asking employees not to wash their hands.
  • A dog learns how to roll up a newspaper to fight his owner.
  • Cats learn to use a fish net, scaring the pet fish.
  • A student in a philosophy class accidentally brings Play-Dough instead of Plato.

You searched for: studying