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  • An owl rotates its head around so it can look up while getting a back massage.
  • A cobra is uptight and has a square cowl.
  • A monitor in a hospital charts the nurse's patience with her patient.
  • A man with OCD can't sleep because he imagined too many sheep and how he has to count them all.
  • X-ray reveals that man's brain is sad from being teased.
  • During difficult surgery doctor uses patient's liver as a stress ball.
  • The Reznicks hire those in exacting professions to cut their twins' birthday cake into equal slices.
  • Advent pills parodies Advil pain relief pills.
  • Nurses scare patients with chainsaws to check their active blood pressure rates.
  • Surgeon excited to see a couple beers delivered in the transplant cooler along with the kidney.
  • Frustrated mom tries to leave kids at dog obedience school.
  • Inside puzzle pieces separate themselves from the puzzle pieces on the edge.

You searched for: stress