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  • Dog wears thunder shirt to calm storm anxiety while man wears election shirt to calm election anxiety.

  • Woman is annoyed by happy man and his rose-colored galoshes during snowstorm.
  • Gardener watering plants finds beetles praying to a statue of her as a rain goddess.
  • Ned stops tornado by wearing windbreaker
  • In futuristic world, snow from winter of 2015 is still around.
  • A man has 50 words for snow, all of which are swears.
  • A woman's roof leaks and she tells her roommate that the good news is they don't have to water the plants.
  • An angel who makes rain complains that the angel who throws lightning has an easier job.
  • A man does armpit farts at the god of thunder tryouts.
  • Ducklings get excited about a beach day when it rains.
  • The lightning god thinks the lightning game is rigged.

You searched for: storms