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  • Swelly Belly parodies Jelly Belly jelly beans.
  • Superdog's x-ray nose leads him right to the stomach of the thief who ate missing kibble.
  • Cats need a timer to show how soon they'll start scratching you.
  • The moon orders dessert, so it's not full yet.
  • A TV reporter falls silent when the teleprompter is broken.
  • A frog sticks out its throat to impress a girl frog, and a man sucks his stomach in to impress a woman.
  • A turkey gets a medical scan and finds out he's full of stuffing.
  • Lint truffles are bellybutton candies.
  • A snowman inverts his body to make it look like he lost weight.
  • The Pillsbury Dough Boy is jealous of the shark costumes in Yellow Submarine.
  • Snake's new diet is to tie itself into a knot to restrict eating.

You searched for: stomach