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  • Friends laugh at Frankenstein having to wear the cone of shame.

  • Veterinarian has giant cone for wounded giraffe.
  • Forget the Hoover Dam -- President Hoover knows how to darn his socks.
  • A dog has a cone on his butt because he had surgery there.
  • Dog gets more attention from men after vet shaves football shape into fur.
  • Team physicians practice their medical skills in preparation for baseball season.
  • A feline parody on a famous phrase 'a stitch in time saves nine'.
  • A bar where all of the types of sports balls go.
  • The vet is afraid the cat will bite and scratch its stitches in this Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day Cartoon.
  • Frankenstein wants a scar like Harry Potter's.
  • The big bad wolf's wife yells at him for not chewing his food after Little Red Riding Hood's mother survives him eating her.
  • Dorothy uses the Tin Man's funnel as a cone for Toto.

You searched for: stitches