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  • A man's tombstone says he's one step closer to becoming a zombie.
  • Butterfly dates younger guy, a caterpillar.
  • Groundhog gets over his shadow fears and performs in front of audience.
  • Rats stage intervention for pack rat Terry because he isn't hoarding.
  • Before lecture on Always Stay Connected, speaker asks audience to turn off cell phones.
  • A band without electronic hand claps cannot clap their hands the old-fashioned way.
  • A bug gets her boyfriend a ticket to see "Stomp."
  • Fly fan at concert thinks that singer is giving fan the compound eye.
  • While performing Freebird, the singer decides to donate a turkey to the food bank.
  • Dog performer juggles vacuums but dog audience member is not impressed because the vacuums are not turned on.
  • The monitor at a hummingbird karaoke bar is just all MMMs.
  • Dentists and Manicurists both want to have a convention at the same auditorium.

You searched for: stage