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  • The squid warning light in a man's car turns on.
  • Squid tries to hide from mother-in-law in ink.
  • Young squid complains about tentacle-hand-me-downs.
  • Sea creatures interrupt earth day speeches insisting they need more say.
  • A shark dentist's patient has squid breath.
  • A squid's surprise party ends in total blackness because of ink.
  • A squid struggles to escape a shark because it needs to change its ink cartridge.
  • A squid lets his ink loose in a swimming pool.
  • A squid in a hospital is on an IV of ink.
  • A squid's employer randomly tests ink.
  • Squid's meals are ruined by secondhand ink.
  • A squid bride tells her husband-to-be that it's too late to be getting cold tentacles.

You searched for: squid