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  • Hopicana parodies Tropicana orange juice.

  • Congos Bakes Snakes parody Combo pretzel cheese snacks.
  • A crab breaks its phone in half because it's texting angry.
  • After drinking, Spongebob squeezes himself dry to sober up.
  • During difficult surgery doctor uses patient's liver as a stress ball.
  • Orange wife suspects late husband arriving of being freshly squeezed.
  • A man's insurance won't cover a sponge bath, but will cover a sponge shower.
  • Lemons watch movie with plot twist.
  • Jealous Mr. Butterworth sees Ross squeezing Mrs. Butterworth.
  • A hermit crab has a lot of old shells in her closet.
  • A monster squeezes a building like a tube of toothpaste.
  • Toothpaste tubes remember when they looked good in the morning.

You searched for: squeeze