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  • Normal Al Yankovic sings non-parody versions of Weird Al songs.
  • Instead of Three Musketeers, the One Musketeer candy bar isn't for sharing.
  • Spinal tap cell phones signal bars go all the way to six.
  • A parody of Lava Soap called Larva Soup, for cleaner maggots.
  • A parody of Golden Grahams cereal called Golden Grammys.
  • A parody of Extra Gum called Extract Gum, bad for the teeth.
  • A parody of Snow's Clam Chowder called Snooze Chowder, very boring.
  • Nylonol, parody of Tylenol found only on the black market and a pain reliever made for bank robbers.
  • Batman has a new enemy, the Sudokuer.
  • Spoofs on current reality television showing the failed reality television shows.

You searched for: spoof