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  • Baseball players steal sunflower seeds from birdfeeder.
  • Woman complains that the baseball players are getting into bird feeders seeds again.
  • Zombies try to eat the Headless Horseman, but they don't like pumpkin seeds.
  • Cats get into a fight in an online chatroom.
  • Mrs. Big Bad Wolf won't eat pig because it has spit from blowing on it.
  • To avoid germs on birthday cake, parents use remote control candles.
  • Book patient is uneasy about book surgeon licking his fingers before opening him.
  • Woman brings spit detector when dining out to test for waiter's spit.
  • Problem cat is vetted by veterinarians.
  • Box of Saliva Green Teeth, parody of Salada Green Tea.
  • A woman blows out spit guard birthday candles.

You searched for: spit