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  • Grub uses GPS directions on his smartphone to find roots underground.
  • Mime cat uses his invisible box to pee in.

  • Soily Putty parodies Silly Putty.
  • A mummy pees from fear and has to change his bandages.
  • Cat uses sand as litter box and ostrich uses same sand to bury head.
  • Dog owner didn't expect to be cleaning up garbage dog makes, only poop.
  • Employee changing Mr. Monopoly is called a game changer while he's getting diaper changed.
  • Woman worm confesses male worm is a little too down to earth for her.
  • Fancy worm restaurant serves ground ground on entrees.
  • Using colored gardening soil looks like getting a manicure.
  • A boy does a project about Earth Day in school.
  • Two flowers dress up in costume and go Trick or Treating.

You searched for: soil