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  • Man covered in app logos sneeze says gesundheit to sick woman with empty smartphone homepage.
  • Elf says gesundheit to Santa after Christmas presents are sneezed out of sleigh.
  • Distracted man on cellphone says gesundheit to grim reaper surrounded by dead bodies.
  • Woman covered by mess of spiderweb says gesundheit to Spiderman.
  • Unicorn sneeze pokes bird with horn.
  • Tiny Russian stacking doll at center has sneezed off the other layers.
  • Bird sneezes covering another bird with bird seed.
  • Cat owner gets full body injuries when she sneezes while cats nap on her.
  • Rudolph was warned not to hold in sneezes which reverse his light out his butt.
  • Frankenstein sneezes off bolts into igor and creator's eyes.
  • A piñata's sneeze blows open a hole in piñata across from him.

  • Santa's fake beard blows onto little girl in line when he sneezes.

You searched for: sneezing