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  • Rodent therapist asks squished mouse stuck in snap trap if it feels trapped emotionally.
  • Crackle and Pop are jealous wives are spending so much time on Snapchat.
  • Salmon can purchase tourist photos of themselves swimming upstream.

  • Dog versions of Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, and Spotify
  • Ungrateful, grumpy crab dolls snap at you all day long.
  • A kid thinks he has mice because the mousetraps he put around his Halloween candy went off, but his parents both have bandages on their fingers.
  • A gingerbread man gets another gingerbread man chattering teeth as a stocking stuffer, but they eat him.
  • A crab breaks its phone in half because it's texting angry.
  • Snapping turtles yell at each other.
  • Wind turbines break because they're too close together.
  • Everything at the composite hockey stick company breaks and snaps.
  • Lucky leaves cereal mascot party to get lucky with some women.

You searched for: snap