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  • Indoor cat snacks on treats watching birds in nests outside window in Nestflix Netflix parody.
  • Dog reads online article on laptop saying not to go grocery shopping hungry and realizes it can never go.
  • Woman tells overweight Saint Patrick surrounded by junk food snack wrappers that he is supposed to be ridding Ireland of snakes.
  • Man eat donut holes, creature eats pie holes.

  • A praying mantis eats Crunchy Man Heads while watching TV.
  • A man goes to a Francis Bacon exhibit thinking it was going to be actual bacon.
  • A bat eats Mosquito Bites while watching TV.
  • A dog geologist thinks a rock still might be food.
  • Salt likes to shake hands, but ketchup prefers fist bumps.
  • A man is dissatisfied when his wife buys Okayuns instead of Funyons.
  • Dog likes to eat child's artwork made from macaroni.

You searched for: snacking