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  • Emoji face in counseling tells therapist you try keeping happy expression these days.
  • Emojis get together at the Emoti-con convention.
  • Emojis get botox treatments to remove all personality from their faces.
  • Blood cell wonders if all the extroverts at the artery party are type A.
  • Proud parent watches all the different emoji smiley face babies in the nursery.

  • Woman is annoyed by happy man and his rose-colored galoshes during snowstorm.
  • Creepy smile surgery masks have opposite effect of making patients anxious.
  • A man reads a fortune cookie fortune that says "you will look like a fool" on one side and has teeth on the other side.
  • A duck tries not to make a duck face in a selfie.
  • A turkey makes duck lips in a selfie.
  • A boy portrait-bombs da Vinci while he's painting the Mona Lisa.

You searched for: smiles