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  • Single cell organism doctor diagnosis's his patient’s rash as athlete’s pseudopod.
  • Mosquitos Fit Bite tracks how many bites he's able to give humans.

  • Wife can guess by husband's cloud tan lines that is was cloudy but not windy at beach.
  • A teenage muppet goes out of the house with an arm showing at the bottom of her dress.
  • A vampire goes on dating websites and refuses to date anyone with a thick skin.
  • A man thinks everyone is admiring his body at the beach, but he actuallyhas a horrible sunburn.
  • Woundex spray sprays people with glass so they'll stop asking you to clean.
  • A man gets a green fungus disease, but it's on St. Patrick's Day.
  • A Christmas tree pops its ornaments in the mirror like acne.

You searched for: skin