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  • In the afterlife, salmon jump from cloud to cloud to heaven.
  • Batman is too distracted looking at his phone that he misses Bat Signal in sky.
  • Bird enlists the clock to skywrite his marriage proposal in sky.

  • Santa curses drones that hit his reindeers while flying.
  • An angel who makes rain complains that the angel who throws lightning has an easier job.
  • Heaven gets crowded, so the angels might have to update their cloud storage.
  • A V of birds make a sky writing message change from "I love you a lot" to "I love you less than a lot"
  • A woman checks if it's the full moon on her phone, even though the man in front of her is a werewolf.
  • Sun confesses in diary that no one wants to look directly at him.
  • Leprechaun can't find pot of gold because there's no rainbow.
  • Ghost watching clouds sees mom ghost spying on her as a cloud.
  • Star explains some smaller stars are her kids and others are her headache.

You searched for: skies