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  • Skeleton of Shakespeare’s Yorick is back to take his skull from Hamlet in the graveyard.
  • Doctor advises patient to run when she remembers that she doesn’t have a model skeleton and the one in her exam room is a monster.
  • Cat owner not happy about mouse bone throne.
  • Choboni parodies Chobani greek yogurt.

  • A cat tries to act casual after leaving the bones of the fish it ate in the bowl for its owner to find.
  • A skeleton woman is offended when a skeleton man doesn't look at her eye sockets.
  • A skeleton cheats on her husband and he comes back and catches her with her body parts detached.
  • A man grows very old on a never-ending non-stop train ride.
  • Picasso's X-rays show a Cubist style skull.
  • A skeleton gets a text of a pelvis.
  • Adam reminds God that he can use his 23 other ribs to create more women.
  • Dumb skeletons can't remember if they are supposed to scare children or not.

You searched for: skeletons