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  • Iggy Pop can't identify a shirt that is given to him as a Christmas gift.
  • Song convinces penguin to stay and enjoy the cold weather.
  • Singer likes outdoor venues as audience claps while killing bugs.
  • Dr Seuss characters listen to songs that represent their personalities.

  • Halloween monsters listen to music.
  • Superheroes listen to music that relates to their powers.
  • A woman congratulates her husband for not being rude about winning an argument, but is about to lead him into a room of "I Told You So" signs.
  • Songs that witch, frankenstein, swamp creature, and werewolf listen to.
  • Songs Grampa Simpson, Brian, Bender, and Cartman are listening to.
  • Christina Aguilera sings many notes when the doctor asks her to say "ahhh."
  • Superman, Spider-man, and Batman reveal what songs they listen to.

You searched for: sings