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  • An architecture firm uses an etch-a-sketch to design stairs.
  • History's least challenging job was making a map for Noah's ark.
  • Nerdy complex carbs don't mix well with stupid simple proteins.
  • A woman buys her cat a Deluxe Kitty Bed, but the cat sleeps in the box it came in instead.
  • A painter gets bored of painting hell, but an arsonist is even more bored.
  • An orchestra's timpani player's music is just the word "Boom" over and over.

  • A James Bond villain sets up a ridiculous machine of death.
  • A monkey watches The Wizard of Oz and thinks he can fly.
  • Salesman delivers aggressive sales pitch explaining how four-bladed razors work, with the first razor distracting, second razor grabbing, third razor punching, and fourth razor cutting.

You searched for: simplicity