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  • Atlas' little brother gets it easy by holding up moon.C18

  • If people behaved like cats during massages they would be pleased and then bite.
  • It is difficult to work from home when cats sleep on you and your desk.
  • A skeleton cheats on her husband and he comes back and catches her with her body parts detached.
  • When pirate sleeps, parrot remains on shoulder and gets own pillow.
  • Mrs. Claus tells Santa she is with Frosty because doctor told her to apply cold to shoulders.
  • Theory of throwing salt over shoulder does not work for snowmen.
  • A snowman gives another snowman the cold shoulder.
  • The truth about dandruff is that it's debris from flea parties.
  • Piranhas break into a crate of Head and Shoulders and are disappointed that it's just shampoo.

You searched for: shoulders