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  • The orbiting moon reads that you are not too small to turn the tide and impact change.
  • Couples fight because Cupid decides to play video games instead of shoot arrows.
  • Klingon's mistakenly shoot at Enterprise rental car.

  • Fruitcakezilla is indestructible.
  • Knights tested success of human cannonballs against castle walls.
  • Hunters will need a bigger gravy boat after shooting giant turkey.
  • Mayflies watch a movie.
  • Soldier cats try to shoot a laser pointer's dot, but they can't destroy it.
  • Cupid tries to shoot two punks to make them fall in love, but his arrows keep hitting their piercings.
  • Jeweler gives Cupid money to shoot two lovers admiring jewelry.
  • Gangsters hide evidence by dragging bullet ridden cheese to Swiss section.
  • Unable to be pierced, Superman asks woman what it's like to have body piercings.

You searched for: shoot