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  • Leg-Ow parodies the building toy Legos for small pieces that are painful to step on.
  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.

  • A woman gives her husband body armor as a gift because their cat is so vicious.
  • A butter lawyer asks a defendant to identify a butter knife.
  • Cats destroy Rug Godzilla.
  • A pirate cracks his iPhone screen with his hook hand.
  • The stone with the sword in it wishes it could see a specialist.
  • Marge Simpson's ultrasound shows Lisa with a spiky head.
  • Woundex spray sprays people with glass so they'll stop asking you to clean.
  • A pirate with two hooks for hands goes to use the bathroom.
  • The Pillsbury Dough Boy is jealous of the shark costumes in Yellow Submarine.

You searched for: sharp