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  • Forget the Hoover Dam -- President Hoover knows how to darn his socks.
  • A needle and thread go to couples therapy and learn that their relationship will take patience.
  • Team physicians practice their medical skills in preparation for baseball season.
  • Faye realizes the Columbus, Ohio costume she made for her son was misguided.
  • Snowman leaves torso at tailor for button mending.
  • Frankenstein tries to reanimate the turkey leftovers.
  • Frankenstein wants a scar like Harry Potter's.
  • A family gives their mom a quilting intervention because she keeps cutting squares out of all the fabric in the house.
  • Washing machines make quilts with all of the socks they steal.
  • A snake makes a quilt with molted skin.
  • The scarecrow's doctor has trouble helping him when he sits on a needle.
  • The angel of death tears his robe, so he'll have to sew before he reaps.

You searched for: sewing