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  • Man is so narcissistic that when therapist asks him if he's a narcissist he thinks he's too fantastic to be one.
  • Selfish, greedy people download without paying sound like pirates.

  • A woman reads The Giving Tree to her son and has nightmares about him harvesting her organs.
  • If George Foreman ruled the world, everything would be named George.
  • A man finds a rudest nudist colony where people talk on cell phones and text impolitely.
  • Baby bird protests that mother is only regurgitating turnips.
  • The line at a signing for "Put Yourself First" is a fight because everyone's trying to put themselves first.
  • A toddler sweeps the house and takes everything, saying "mine!" all the time
  • A muscular hamster finally gets off the wheel.
  • People can't share the book about sharing.
  • One cat thinks the other cat is a bathroom hog because he is sitting in the sand box building a sand castle.

You searched for: selfishness