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You searched for: self-help books
  • House gives gift of home improvement tips book.
  • An insecure man worries about someone seeing him buy a confidence-improving book.
  • Man rips pages out of puppy training book to protect carpet.
  • The line at a signing for "Put Yourself First" is a fight because everyone's trying to put themselves first.
  • Woman reads Chicken Flavored Tofu Soup for the Vegan Soul.
  • Janitor surrounded by mannequins is worried when he finds book on dummies waiting to strike.
  • Book cashier in book store tells book customer he has already bought the Improve Your Memory book.
  • A man reads a book called "The Art of Intimidation" while woodland animals sit on him.
  • A woman has an out of body experience, and doesn't like what she sees.
  • Dogs read self help books at a bookstore.
  • Cats read self help books at a bookstore.
  • The wheel on a grocery cart reads a book called Going Your Own Way.

You searched for: self-help books