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You searched for: second thoughts

  • Man kept awake by loud partying lawn outside window has second thoughts about planting Mardi Grass.
  • Saturn gives Mercury a lower grade than before.

  • Earl regrets getting snowroof in car when snow starts coming in.
  • Darth Vader gets a darksaber instead of a lightsaber.
  • Man has second thoughts about usefulness of personal laptop dishwasher.
  • Salmon talk about taking their relationship to the next level.
  • A couple goes to get a marriage license.
  • A man regrets his tattoo of a frightened mouse on his ankle when his cat starts chasing it.
  • A woman reconsiders her dental plan when a sound effects department records her screams at the dentist.
  • A couple stands on a cliff called Lover's Leap, but the man is wearing a bungee cord because he's not sure about the relationship.
  • A squid bride tells her husband-to-be that it's too late to be getting cold tentacles.

You searched for: second thoughts