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  • Man misunderstands window seat on airplane and sits on the window.
  • Cells dividing at the dinner table require an additional table setting.

  • Overpopulation of Earth is compared to man taking up too much seating space on subway.
  • Ghost doesn't see invisible ghost and mistakenly sits on him in theater.
  • There's a wait in a cat restaurant because all of them want to sit by the window.
  • Darth Vader goes to a restaurant called The Dockside instead of going to the Dark Side.
  • A man at a restaurant is a party of one.
  • The cartoonist lets his family come up with ideas for his father's day cartoon.
  • A man gets so carried away decorating his house that he puts a wreath on the toilet seat.
  • A woman doesn't like her husband's light-up pants.
  • For Father's Day, Mark's family provides all the ideas so he can have the day off.
  • X-ray channel on in-flight tv shows x-ray of passenger in front.

You searched for: seat