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  • Lit firework uses online symptom checker to look up burning sensation on behind.
  • Cat and dog google how humans trick their pets.
  • Alien parents need to discuss probing with teenager.
  • Dog exhibits tech behaviors, like following, emptying trash, searching, and deleting spam.

  • A cat looks for a date on a dating site.
  • Charlie Brown makes a Kickstarter and Lucy makes a Kickstopper to stop him.
  • A man finds his wife's keys and finds Waldo and Nemo to rub it in.
  • Cat scientists use quantum physics to find a way to be on both sides of the door at once.
  • Sideshow Bob gets trapped on a desert island because the rescue plane thinks he's a palm tree.
  • Researchers looking for Bigfoot find Bigcankle instead.
  • Mime paints in a variety of styles trying to find artistic voice.
  • Angry road comes searching for chicken who regrets crossing him.

You searched for: searches