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  • Dad reassures Billy that there aren't any monsters in closet, but there are other scary things.

  • Woman gets angry not at date's transformation into werewolf, but that he's shedding all over her.

  • Cats' fur stands on end after being scared in the haunted house.

  • While the wiener mobile is a marketing success, the haggis mobile was a marketing failure.
  • A cartoonist's campfire scary story is where a joke has no punchlines.
  • In a dog's Twilight Zone, dogs don't have any butts.
  • Fish grim reaper arrives with a net rather than a scythe.
  • Future technology includes self-driving car, self-pedaling bike, self-shopping cart, and self-screaming coaster.
  • Pencil horror film involves mechanical pencils attacking traditional pencils.
  • Sal Monella's Deli is not having success at getting customers in the door.
  • Spoon finds himself bullied by forks when he's on the wrong side of the plate.
  • Dog versions of social networking websites.

You searched for: scare