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  • Dr Seuss characters listen to songs that represent their personalities.

  • Dr. Seuss' shortest book is Yellow and White Eggs with Pink Ham.
  • Easter Bunny's green eggs are stolen by Sam to have green eggs and ham.
  • At a party, a founding father meets Sam Adams and Sam Adams Light.
  • Dr. Seuss' Grinch commits identity theft by stealing Sam I Am's sign.
  • Yoda meets a kindred spirit in Dr. Seuss because they both speak the same.
  • Sam Juan Hoocares it called all the time by strange people.
  • Sam I Am has multiple personality disorder and carries a sign saying Sam We Are.
  • In his later years, Sam does not like green prunes and bran.
  • Sam I Am got someone to eat green eggs and ham on a bet.
  • Sam I am dies and becomes sam I was.
  • Sam I Am wonders if he really is Sam.

You searched for: sam