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  • Salt at party whispers to pepper shaker it doesn’t know PS shaker is but he always has the last word.
  • Suspicious snowman sees salted foods on computer browser history as wife brings him a snack.
  • Woman who does have caffeine at home mistakes salt for sugar when making coffee at work.
  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • Grim Reaper tells diner to say when as he's salting his food from hourglass.

  • Waiter pours ants on top of anteater's food to season it.
  • Salt and pepper shakers agree to fist bump rather than handshake when they meet.
  • Snails openly carry salt shakers.
  • A shark switches to attacking people in lakes because his salt intake was too high.
  • Salt likes to shake hands, but ketchup prefers fist bumps.
  • Blitz Crackers may attack as they are lightly assaulted.
  • Two trucks salt and then pepper a road.

You searched for: salt