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  • Nine life saving cats on beach lifeguard stand watch kitty swimmers for water safety emergencies.
  • Veggies denying child refuses to eat dinner vegetables, tells mother he has asparagus hesitancy.
  • Cat says it got vet shots but hesitant cat believes crazy Garfield tracking chip vaccination lies.
  • Annoyed buffalo drinking water at bar tired of driving drunk beer buffalos.
  • Mean Kermit the frog in hurry pushes old lady and is hit by falling safe karmic revenge,
  • Santa’s Rudolph at bar tells reindeer bartender he’s the designated Christmas sleigh guider and not drinking.
  • Turkey on laptop checks Facebook to see how many friends marked themselves safe.
  • Comb and Don't Comb signs at beach tell beachcombers when to cross.
  • Mouse's GPS suggest an alternate route because cats are sleeping outside mouse hole.
  • Dog teases dog wearing cone that he can now be a sundial to tell time.
  • Blowfish prefers long distance relationships for safety.

  • Devil discovers that his misshapen pitchfork is not dishwasher safe.

You searched for: safe