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  • Matryoshka doll asks Russian nesting doll why she’s chuckling and she says inside jokes.
  • Russian nesting doll tells other babushka doll anxious daughter outside has claustrophobia.
  • Scared matryoshka dolls jump out when Nurse with vaccination syringe says will feel pinch.
  • Russian nesting doll compliments doll’s lost weight and she answers her kids moved out.
  • Cop pulls over Russian nesting doll driver in car for driving in a high occupancy lane.
  • Russian matryoshka doll with laptop buying dress on website chooses size all of them.
  • Doctor asks nurse how many caesareans pregnant Russian nesting doll mother will need.

  • Small doll in Russian matryoshka tells other nesting doll to dress in layers when it’s cold.

  • Mark updates nursery rhymes for the modern age.
  • Dr. Smith caused all the problems on the Mir space station.

You searched for: russian