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  • Balloon mom disciplines misbehaving balloon children by rubbing and sticking on ceiling for time out.
  • If people behaved like cats during massages they would be pleased and then bite.
  • Because cat always slept beside her at computer, Deb installed track pad in the cat to keep working.
  • Cat radios back to mission control that due to love and attention they are staying.

  • Cats need a timer to show how soon they'll start scratching you.
  • Villains from Star Wars massage people's backs.
  • Snorklers keep their distance to stay safe from the Noogie Fish.
  • For cats, the pain given should be directly proportional to the pleasure received.
  • A woman's cat rubs up against a magic lamp and wishes for fish, mice, and birds.
  • A woman looks like she has fur-lined boots, but actually her cat just shed inside of them.
  • Cat is scolded for rubbing up against coworkers.
  • A dog opens a practice area for rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.

You searched for: rub