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  • Squirrels flock to dad because of family's prank mating call ringtone.
  • Band plays song that is most popular as a cellphone ringtone.
  • Michelle's breasts ring at movie because plastic surgeon left his cell phone there.
  • Friends program ringtone to be embarrassing hemorrhoid joke.
  • In bar, one cellphone doesn't like another cellphone's tone.
  • Guru asks fellow guru for help picking ring tone: a tree falling in the forest or one hand clapping.
  • Doctors try life-saving measures when patient's phone ringtone sounds like erratic heart monitor
  • Fire alarm can be customized to play fire related song ring tones.
  • Doorbell now has vibrate setting, like cell phones.
  • Parent knows inappropriate lyrics to teenager's cell phone ring tone.
  • Parent chooses ringtone for teenager's cell phone as punishment for daughter.
  • A woman's phone has the Jaws theme as her ring tone, causing a panic at the beach.

You searched for: ring tone