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  • Santa’s Rudolph at bar tells reindeer bartender he’s the designated Christmas sleigh guider and not drinking.
  • Angry man rips favorite shirt and changes to Incredible Hulk but is disappointed he ruined his clothes.
  • Mummy gives cloth wrap to maskless Frankenstein as Halloween monsters in PPE masks meet outside in Covid-19 social distancing.
  • Dracula wearing PPE mask tells anti-masker guy walking by masks are to protect you.
  • Telecommuting dad working on computer with kid, pets, dishes and laundry distractions can’t finish finis.
  • Mom explains that potatohead son's misplaced body parts are because he dressed himself.

  • Dad uses son's snow day to teach him subtraction by shoveling snow.
  • The old lady who lives in a shoe daydreams that her shoe is a rollerskate.
  • Balloon declines inhaling helium to get high, as he is designated driver.
  • Mrs. Claus is angry with Santa for going to old girlfriend's house on Christmas Eve.
  • Dog doesn't mind picking up ball since owner has to pick up dog's poop.

You searched for: responsibilities